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Know-How: What Industrial Door Go Where

Industrial doors are designed to ensure security and protection of an organisation’s assets. So, regardless if you choose a high-speed roller door or Thermicroll roller shutters, you need to have one installed.

Don’t be the next victim like the recent wool theft that threatened the reputation of the Australian export industry, what with high-quality wool being swapped by the cheap kind and sold to the same buyers who expected nothing but the best.

In an interview with ABC News, David Jochinke, Victorian Farmers Federation president said, “In my farming career I’ve heard of people stealing sheep, I’ve heard of people going to shearing sheds and taking wool but I’ve never heard of it, after the testing process, the bales being unloaded and wool being switched around.”

Well, you can’t blame the unexpected turn of events for the fallout. Before a similar misfortune happens to you, you should have security measures in place. It doesn’t matter what assets you have to protect, anyway. Thieves will also find something worth stealing.

The industrial door you choose will depend on where it will be installed. Although one type can be used in different areas, specific ones are designed for a specific application.

Different Industrial Doors to Choose From

Roller Shutters

Roller doors and shutters come in many shapes and sizes. Some are also insulated and best used for industrial areas that need climate control on top of 24-hour protection.

The Thermicroll high speed insulated roller shutters, for example, is made with aluminum slats filled with quality PU-foam. Designed lightweight, it can be rolled up and down repeatedly and for a long time without causing stress and wear on the motor and other components.

It is also manufactured corrosion-resistant, making it a worthy investment.

Clean Room Doors

Visit a cleanroom steel door factory and you will find plenty of options to choose from. One may have an auto-refeed feature, side frames, or both. Visit Hold Fast Industries

But what you should look for is one that has few moving parts and can be easily removed. This is because you will have to wash it down to prevent bacteria build-up. It should also be free of hidden pockets, acid-resistant, has lower absorption rate, and with side frames that stand off the wall.

Industrial Freezer Door

Areas with freezer and cold room doorways that are used frequently need industrial freezer doors. Unlike common insulated doors, such products need to have exceptional insulation and should operate at efficient high speed. The goal, after all, is to keep the cold in while providing entry and exit at any given time.

More importantly, it must be sustainable. That is, it will work as designed but will help lower energy costs. When coming in and out of a building happens frequently, a non-sustainable door will rack up overheads.

How to Choose Industrial Doors

When choosing industrial doors, Thermicroll or not, always check the door’s:

  • Construction and materials
  • Cost-effectivity and efficiency
  • Maintenance needs
  • Safety features

Armed with these details, you will have a good idea of what industrial door to choose for where.

If you need cleanroom hygiene doors factory, roller shutters, and similar products, let Hold Fast Industries help. They carry a huge variety of industrial doors, including custom-designed ones.